Paul's Tips

  • Sinks

    We at Cathedral Kitchens pride ourselves in being suppliers of the very best in a superb range of sinks, kitchen accessories and taps. Selecting products with a strong combination of style, versatility, quality and innovation, you can be sure that we will help to discover a product that not only reflects the style you deserve, but offers reliability and durability that could last a lifetime.

    Our sink range covers all of the best materials, Stainless steel, Ceramic and Tectonite as well as the more highly prized ranges of specific suppliers including Frankes' Fraganite sinks, and Blancos' Siligranit sinks, containing unique materials that add an extra scratch resistance and sanitation facility.


    Our tap systems are ingenuity itself. Whether you choose the simple faucet, a zip tap or the increasingly popular set up of a ready boiled water system (which means no more kettle!), we have what you need to keep your kitchen contemporary, classic or ultra modern.

Customer Review

"We invested in top of the range appliances, as we wanted the best features, for longevity as well as for them being pleasing to the eye."