Paul's Tips

  • Work Surfaces

    There is a world of innovative and exciting materials to create your perfect kitchen work surface.

    Crafted to your individual style, a solid timber work surface grows more beautiful with age and nothing can equal its timeless look and tactile warmth. With a wide range of species to choose from, the range satisfies the diversity of design styles- bamboo, walnut and wenge hit the exotic high notes, in addition to classic favourites such as oak, beech and ash.

    The beautiful reflective appeal of natural granite will look elegant year after year, a quality, durable and prestigious surface that will create the defining look in any contemporary or classic kitchen.

  • Work Surfaces

    Emanating all the elegance and properties of natural granite, Quartz surfaces add dramatic focal points to the kitchen. With mirrored designs or subtle sand tones the range is particularly suited to contemporary interiors.

    Stainless Steel
    Stainless steel unities a hardwearing surface with stunning visual appeal and is a popular choice for modern kitchen design. To soften its industrial feel stainless steel looks superb mixed with other materials such as timber or composite stone.

Customer Review

"We invested in top of the range appliances, as we wanted the best features, for longevity as well as for them being pleasing to the eye."